Vare Orod

A long time ago, peoples of all races were on the verge of destruction thanks to the nefarious work of necromancers. As the necromancers killed and pillaged, their victims joined their armies and all civilization was forced to flee west to the mountains. When the people arrived at the massive mountain ranges and valleys, they found safety among the many crystals that sprung up from the ground in enormous clusters. It was believed that the crystals were magic and protected them from the necromancers’ evil magic. The people called the mountains “Vare Orod” (The Protected Mountains) and settled their new cities around the biggest crystal clusters in the mountain ranges. They called themselves “Gwaith en’ Leuthil” (The People of the Gems) as they had finally found a safe home on the slopes and valleys of Vare Orod.


Aman Ras
The Sheltered Village


Barana Swamp
Astogar Desert
Khelek Tundra

Vare Orod

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