The Elemental Lords

The Four Elemental Lords who created and ruled the land at the dawn of time.
Arda, Earth Incarnate
Alu, Cascade of the Deep
Naur, The Eternal Flame
Sul, The Twisted Winds

In the beginning, the world was divided into separate planes of existence. Each element had it’s own domain where it flowed freely, unfettered. Through unknown cosmic forces, there came a time when the realm of Earth crossed with our own realm of Life, and a bridge was formed. At the joining of Earth and Life, a being called Arda, Earth Incarnate was born. The world was empty and it was hers. She created sand, and rock, and stone.

After a day, or and eon, for time had no meaning, another bride was formed; to the realm of Fire. So came Naur, the Eternal Flame to Arda. Their love was fierce and furious, as rock turned to magma and formed volcanoes and mountains and sights never before seen. Their passions fulfilled, Naur laid himself to rest deep within Arda’s crust. Naur slept, and Arda grew restless.

Naur did not notice when Alu, Cascade of the Deep, crossed into the world from the plane and stole Arda’s heart. Long neglected, Arda embraced her new lover enthusiastically and rivers and trees were born of their union.

When Naur, the Flame, awoke, the betrayal sparked an unmatched fury in him and the world burned. The mountain forests, the children of Arda and Alu, were reduced to ash. To protect their children, Alu, reached across the planes and brought his old lover Sul, The Twisted winds, into this world. Together they took to the sky, as clouds and stormed upon Naur’s fiery destruction. Arda, enraged by both of her old lovers shook the earth in a mighty rage. And so it went: Elemental War. Thunder, Blizzards, Tornadoes, Wildfire. The world was in chaos. The very plane of Life, upon which we tread, threatened to crumble.

It was then, that four heroes emerged. Unbelievably, they managed to banish the elemental lords back to their own domains and seal them away there. The forces, and the world they created remained behind, but the untamed fury was abated, and life could finally flourish. It is said that the Elemental Rings are the original seals that saved this world, and to this very day, we keep them safe, and sacred.

The Elemental Lords

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