A Rogue Mindflayer trying to overthrow his Elder Brain


In The Sheltered Village, The Wardens saw a mysterious, cloaked figure in the crowd of the Camel Races. They tried to pickpocket him and Colton Walker ended up getting somehow paralyzed after looking under the figure’s hood, and he escaped into the crowd.

After dealing with Arda, Earth Incarnate, and the floating creature that attacked afterwards, Zelli’x appeared again, but Colton shot at him and he fled again.

He finally contacted the group outside of the sheltered village, claiming to be a rogue Mindflayer who had escaped the clutches of his colony and “Elder Brain”, who would have the power to control his mind if he got too close to them again. He claims the mindflayers controlled Elias Lockheart and used him to try to release Arda. He asked the group to keep an eye out for mind flayer activity, and fused a magical eyeball to Helga MacDeepThorn’s shield before magically disappearing into the sand.



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