Elder Eros

Elder at the Crystalline Archives


Elder at the Crystaline Archives in Tellavarna. He wrote Elder Coramound this letter:

“My good friend. I regret to inform you that I cannot send the tomes you have requested on the history of the elemental wars. It seems they were lost in the recent fire in the west wing of the library. A true tragedy, so much knowledge lost. Funny that, the elements still getting the best of us. We haven’t discovered the source of the fire, Though I suppose we should take what heat we can as we settle in for the winter. Hopefully can you find other ways to entertain yourself down there. If I recall correctly Elariel Thyme wrote an account of stories passed down orally by the Fangclaw Tribe that might provide some information of the topic, as you well know his work is generally much easier to track down.

Nevertheless. I also wanted to write you about Master Purrus. He has taken quite ill as we have all seen coming for so long. A fierce fever as gripped him and he burns relentlessly. He is constantly mumbling to himself “the heart… it burns”. We’ve had the finest medics in Tellavarna examine him, and his heart is in fine order, for his age, ticking dilligently. It seems his mind has, at long last, failed him. If he lasts the winter, I would suggest planning a trip to visit us once the pass clears of snow and the winds die down to say your goodbyes.


Elder Eros"


Elder Eros

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