Commander Oskar

Commander of the 14th Imrieska Battalion


Commander of the armies posted at Carodonto. He wrote this letter to Elder Coramound:

“Dear Coramound, Thank you for the potions you sent, they’ve been most effective at clearing up the cough amongst the ranks, even if they taste like shit.

The swamp is treacherous as always, but seemingly moreso of late. A rash of flash floods have been sweeping in from the south. A young scout by the name of Martin reported his outpost being washed away in a torrent of mud, debris and water carrying corpses in its wake. The boy seems traumatized but he swears the corpses rose from the water and attacked his comrades stationed at the outpost. It sounds like delerium to me, we haven’t seen undead in years. but you asked me to report any strange news, so there you are. I’ve got the boy under careful watch as the medics see to his wounds.

As always, if you could petition those rich elves to get off their asses and send some of their Hoighty toiighty house guards out here to do some real work it would be much appreciated. And tell them to bring some of that honeyed wine they grow out there.


Commander Oskar, 14th Imrieska Battalion"


Commander Oskar

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