The Crystal Mountains

The Beginning

The Refounding of The Wardens

The Adventure began with Davidoff Thorvaldsen and Helga MacDeepThorn travelling to Orodonto. There they met Colton Walker and Elora Swiftfists, in the midst of distracting and pickpocketing a crowd.

New in town, the dwarves asked after someone who might know more about Davidoff’s ring. They learned they would need to earn tokens to get to the upper city’s Magic Shop to learn more about the ring.

On the docks, they met a cartographer Tik-Tuk, who said his stall had been thrashed by goons staying at the nearby inn. After a long journey, the group was looking for an inn, so they rented a few rooms and dealt with the thugs, earning themselves a map from Mik-Tuk.

In the middle of the night, Elora and Colton investigated a ship on the docks that was unloading a mysterious, sandy cargo and delivering it to the upper city. After dispatching the ship’s guard they found a shipment order form Elias Lockheart.

After helping a few citizens, the group earned entry into the upper city, where the discovered a ring just like the one Davidoff brought into town had just been stolen from the Temple of the Wardens.

Upon following the cargo carts, the crew discovered a secret passage that led into Lockheart Manor, and discovered that he was trying to "reform Arda’ and that a Dwarf in the Sheltered village would know where to go.

Following up at the temple of the Wardens, the crew learned that Davidoff’s ring was one of the Elemental Rings used to seal away the The Elemental Lords. The four took up the remaining two rings, and set out to track down Elias Lockheart and the final ring. Beginning the reformation of The Wardens.


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