The Crystal Mountains

Entering the desert

mysterious disappearances

The Wardens came to the The Sheltered Village and secured camels to travel into the desert after winning a camel race. During the race the group stumbled across a mysterious hooded figure who paralyzed Colton with a look before darting away. The Wardens learned that people had been wandering off into the desert and sandstorms in the middle of the night, including Bart Thisswhistle’s father Bryn Thisswhistle.

In the middle of the night, a mysterious force caused Elora to wander out into the sandstorm, sleepwalking, only waking up after being slapped. In the sandstorm, Colton’s sharp eyes notices a mysterious dome of invisible force. Upon investigating, the Wardens discovered an injured Thri-Kreen. They helped him kill the corrupted queen of his colony and restore order. The insectoid creatures gave the Wardens a large crystalline force field projector cocoon, that would protect them from the sandstorm.

Exploring the dessert the Wardens discovered a gargantuan petrified snake, and a caravan of camels that had been attacked. They followed tracks to find a pack of Jackalweres that they followed back to a large pyramid in the middle of the desert.


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