The Crystal Mountains

Arda Awakened

Sealing the Earth God

The wardens peered over the ravine and saw mages working on a large floating orb of rock. Making their way into the ravine, the wardens dispatched Lockheart’s guards and freed Toluf MacTor. He revealed that the orb was Arda’s own heart, the centre of the vicious sandstorm. Using her elemental ring of Air, Helga managed to tame the heart and it shrunk to the size of a fist. Colton grabbed the heart and the crew entered the nearby cavern to confront Elias Lockheart. Lockheart appeared, mocking The Wardens for being too late to stop him/Arda, but they fought and killed him nonetheless, after he died they also dispatched the shocking brain monster that crawled out of his skull and appeared to have been controlling Lockheart. Lockheart dispatched, Colton finally recovered the Elemental Ring of earth and the Wardens were officially reunited. They raced deeper underground where they encountered a weakened Arda, still forming herself together from sand flowing through a portal in the back of the room. After a vicious battle, the Wardens managed to close the portal and defeat what was left of Arda in this realm. Arda was once again sealed away… for now.


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